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A true end-to-end cyber security provider that performs in a way that is unparalleled within the digital realm.

SKADI Cyber Defense is a full-service SOCaaS platform allowing organizations to affordably offload their cyber security risk. SKADI also collaborates with its partners to establish and implement employee controls, encompassing training and the adoption of anti-phishing technology, to effectively mitigate the most commonly exploited threat vector employed by cybercriminals.


Protect Your Organization From Cyber Threat

Fully Managed Security Operations Center
Threat Intelligence and Reporting
Penetration (PEN) Testing
Investigation and Incident Response
Vulnerability Scanning

    We defend your computing assets, employees, and organizations from emerging cyber threat.
    Risk Transference
    Cyber threat is a major risk to your company. Our team will protect your critical assets through state-of-the art technology.
  • Fully Managed and Maintained Cyber Defense
    You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on tools and human resources to defend against cyber threat. SKADI Cyber Defense will do it for you: Affordably and Effectively.
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Don’t let your guard down in the wilds of cyberspace. Choose SKADI Cyber Defense and stand with the strength of a goddess.

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