A true end-to-end cyber security provider that performs in a way that is unparalleled within the digital realm.

SKADI Cyber Defense is a full-service SOCaaS platform allowing organizations to affordably offload their cyber security risk. SKADI also collaborates with its partners to establish and implement employee controls, encompassing training and the adoption of anti-phishing technology, to effectively mitigate the most commonly exploited threat vector employed by cybercriminals.

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SKADI Cyber Defense is 100% Female owned and operated

SKADI Cyber Defense was started with the idea that defense-in-depth should be accessible both through technology and by cost to all organizations regardless of size. WIth locations in the United States and Canada, SKADI Cyber Defense offers full service cybersecurity, ensuring that organizations can have peace of mind that they are continuously protected from cyber threat.


We defend your computing assets, employees, and organizations from emerging cyber threat.

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Risk Transference

Cyber threat is a major risk to your company. Our team will protect your critical assets through state-of-the art technology.

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Fully Managed and Maintained Cyber Defense

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on tools and human resources to defend against cyber threat. SKADI Cyber Defense will do it for you: Affordably and Effectively.


Protect Your Organization From Cyber Threat

SKADI Cyber Defense offers cost-effective, fully managed cybersecurity services powered by a blend of proprietary technology and skilled human experts. Our proactive response strategy and simultaneous monitoring of multiple threat vectors ensures swift action against threat actors, preventing unauthorized data access and intellectual property theft.

Fully Managed Security Operations Center

Services that manage and monitor logs, devices, clouds, network and assets for your organization from a security lens.

Threat Intelligence and Reporting

Our in-depth reporting provides you with the knowledge about how your organization is protecting reputational risk across the deep, dark web.


Skadi can consult with your existing cybersecurity posture to assist with hardening your environment.

Penetration (PEN) Testing

We will perform non-intrusive penetration testing in your environment to find security holes and rectify them.

Investigation and Incident Response

If you've been the victim of a cyber crime we can help you get back to normal operations.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our platform will continually monitor your assets to ensure the latest security patches are applied.


Subscriptions and Consulting

SKADI offers subscription based cyber security services and consultation or both.

Monthly Annually
$ 30 330 USD/monYearly

Per protected computer

Fully managed and maintained Cyber Security Operations Centre

Threat hunting and PEN Testing

Threat Intelligence Reporting

Incident Response and Investigation

Vulnerability Scanning and Reporting

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Compliance Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting

Threat Intelligence and Reporting

Human Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

SKADI continuously collects security and event data in real-time from across your organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes data from on-premises (on-prem) devices, the cloud, IOT devices, remote systems, and mobile devices.

What threats do you detect?

SKADI detects a wide range of cyber threats, including (but not limited to) identifying abnormal trends, discrepancies, or other indicators of compromise (IoCs) from collected data. Potential threats are categorized by severity and evaluated to determine whether they are actual threats your organization should be concerned about. Automated detection tools is used to isolate real threats.

What services do you not provide?

SKADI is in the cyber defense field, and cannot provide individual user support or generalized IT support. However, SKADI can and will answer any and all questions you have related to cybersecurity and is proud to be your trusted partner!

What is the response time?

SKADI has a wide range of customer tailored response times to cyber threat, but generally takes immediate action to respond to incidents and deploy appropriate mitigation measures to address the threat.

We are a small business with few computers, can SKADI protect me?

Yes! We love working with all customers, small and large.

Do I need to protect all my devices?

Even a single unmonitored device is an opportunistic target for cyber criminals, and as such SKADI requires that all your devices have SKADI protection.

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Ready to protect your business?

SKADI would love to work with you to protect your business. According to the World Economic Forum, the cost of cybercrime will be $10.1 Trillion annually by 2025. Reach out to us today and we would be happy to help!

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